promondis Reference projects
PV systems for industry, commerce and landfills



Areas of application

Outdoor systems, roof systems, carports



Germany, France, Czech Republic



First Solar, Sinusstrom, Refu, Nexpower, SMA, Emerson CT, UniSolar

Intelligent energy solutions

From project planning to component procurement to commissioning: promondis has successfully implemented tailor-made PV systems for various customers from the industrial and commercial sector. Only first-class components from leading manufacturers were used. The power spectrum of the implemented systems ranges from 94 kWp to 1300 kWp. The promondis systems not only reliably deliver clean green electricity, they also function as shading and protective elements.

Comprehensive services from a single source

Project planning

Customer-specific PV systems with an output of several MWp



Renowned suppliers of high quality components in Tier 1 quality


Plant construction

On schedule implementation by experienced and professional partners



Professional implementation and logging of commissioning

  • Carport 600 kWp

    Carport 600 kWp

    Suhl, Thüringen, Germany

  • Carport 1000 kWp

    Carport 1000 kWp

    Hildburghausen, Thüringen, Germany

  • Rooftop system 1300 kWp

    Rooftop system 1300 kWp

    Mrakow/Stankow, Czech Republic

  • Outdoor installation 1120 kWp

    Outdoor installation 1120 kWp

    Brombachtal, Germany

  • Rooftop system 250 kWp

    Rooftop system 250 kWp

    St. Aunes, France

  • Rooftop system 250 kWp

    Rooftop system 250 kWp

    St. Aunes, Frankreich

  • Rooftop system 250 kWp

    Rooftop system 250 kWp

    Bricocrès le Crès, France

  • Outdoor installation 2400 kWp

    Outdoor installation 2400 kWp

    Hirschfelde, Germany

  • Rooftop system/Carport 700 kWp

    Rooftop system/Carport 700 kWp

    Meiningen, Thüringen, Germany

  • Rooftop system 240 kWp

    Rooftop system 240 kWp

    Meiningen, Thüringen, Germany

  • Carport 529 kWp

    Carport 529 kWp

    Lunel, France

  • Rooftop system 141,7 kWp

    Rooftop system 141,7 kWp

    Meiningen, Thüringen, Germany

  • Carport 94,5 kWp

    Carport 94,5 kWp

    Meiningen, Thüringen, Germany

promondis reference projects

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