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Whether comprehensive support as part of an overall project or demand-oriented as a selective individual measure: promondis offers the appropriate services in every phase of the life of the PV system. The portfolio ranges from the selection and evaluation of suitable sites to the proof of economic viability and the construction of the system to the subsequent grid connection, maintenance and monitoring ​​​​​​

Full-Service from a single source

Network connection, feasibility, assements: With customised services in the area of project development, promondis lays the foundation for a comprehensive and economical PV project.

In order to provide evidence of the profitability of a solar system, promondis carries out well-founded preliminary calculations and determines the level of the return on equity.

In the area of EPC, promondis ensures that PV projects and solar parks are built on schedule with professional engineering and efficient procurement. 

To ensure maximum yields over the entire service life of your PV system, promondis offers various services in the areas of operation & maintenance, plant management and asset management

In order to increase the performance of older PV systems, promondis carries out cash flow-effective modernization of PV systems after the PV system analysis.

Free technical advice
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Grid access & load curve analysis

From area sounding via permits to grid compatibility assessment

Plant design

including calculation of cost effectivenesss, profitability analysis and financing

Construction of the PV plant

From the procurement of all key components to construction and supplier management

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